The first update has been released for Cyotek Spriter bringing it

This updated addresses a crash which could occur if clicking a sprite which occupied the location of a hidden sprite, adds the ability to create automatic backups for overwritten files, and adds access to more options, as well as various other fixes and tweaks.

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Updates have been released to both Cyotek Sitemap Creator and Cyotek WebCopy bringing them to to versions and respectively.

The Sitemap Creator update addresses a new bug introduced with the last update. The WebCopy update is also mainly a bug update, incorporating a variety of fixes and changes made earlier to the Sitemap Creator, including a number of long running issues.

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Cyotek Spriter, our new CSS sprite generation tool, has been released into beta!

Use Spriter to create a single sprite sheet from multiple image sources, generate appropriate CSS classes via an easy to use template system, and use affects to create custom variants of images on the fly without having to create and maintain multiple sets of source images.