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Source code written in C#. Check out our GitHub page for additional source code.

Filename Description Version Release Date
  • sha256: c8ce412bbf8f88594e975d27e25bb0b767e6a1c4bcb9471a4eb749a3a9ed556e

A sample application demonstrating the basic use of WIA from C#

06/11/2020 Download
  • sha256: da9ab3cfc5e17e120b6660a137012b6eca68a7a3218cb213b3e0e3eb9445b104

Chemotaxis simulation project

02/11/2020 Download
  • sha256: 1a5c1588ba9e8f2390f5f3bd41f0c7f4b8c86feb65c9cf1b460aca49488addfc

Sample script environment project, using Jint version 2.

31/08/2020 Download
  • sha256: d68e1b14e0da47d405e8cda8439a07ff45dff6adcdd992397fa190293e76edf6

Sample script environment project, using Jint version 3.

31/08/2020 Download
  • sha256: 8dbbf6fd753aea44f5184a1d839af54fe47d9e1acf64ff7c018e22024eca9afe

Sample project for the Creating a custom type converter part 3: Types to string blog post.

21/07/2019 Download
  • sha256: d3b220e4c5e4753d7b761ee0eb978600bdc14f6a9bbee50117e66a1a052d642c

Sample project for the Setting tab stops in a Windows Forms TextBox control blog post.

25/05/2019 Download
  • sha256: d613c6fb34461e57632fceb6bdbd48ea1b4cb050f151d16d4a94c5c6a5446022

Sample project for the Aligning Windows Forms custom controls to text baselines using C# blog post.

19/04/2019 Download
  • sha256: 5a4c764a08816a7bfc3060ba0006883bf49134838680b88901018ef707a23650

Sample project for the Migrating from Azure translation API version 2 to 3 blog post.

11/04/2019 Download
  • sha256: d8da0b7c5cad33ba4846bef049dc8c9003f2f2ae8f3d17f237a8321df56d00b8

Sample project for the handling the orientation EXIF tag in images using C# blog post.

09/03/2019 Download
  • sha256: 1441f79ba3e8b9d3b620dad91c3f7faa9ccafc2b3b4f227713fa03f4f53c4068

Sample project for the reading cookies from Internet Explorer blog post

20/01/2019 Download
  • sha256: 4b813ad6c216885567cf570f290919e9043cee4a865a06a56b864f8f323a1a8d

Sample project for the using message filters in Windows Forms applications blog post

01/01/2019 Download
  • sha256: 9cc4800ea9713c1d7f95660b1deba20f3c13e9f317171b2cbc0ff358ace10f7e

Sample project for the working with CorelDRAW Palettes part 2 blog post.

05/08/2018 Download
  • sha256: 24bdc574d1725993cae5543da51745037853dbf72c7e60e5ecf4f635d9374858

Sample project for the reading CorelDRAW Palettes Part 1, .pal files blog post

21/07/2018 Download
  • sha256: cfc2141a0f0820962621bc35e10882e648c95496751b65ded610a0009faae5a6

Sample project for the converting colours between RGB and CMYK in C# blog post.

15/07/2018 Download
  • sha256: 9a1671b7eb45246c74bc1234f74885d520fc37d148ff2238889a74ad91e4e000

Sample project for the displaying text in an empty ListBox blog post. 29/04/2018 Download
  • sha256: 2e31cc54ea412623684856d331851c8b213bc6369629c620a2fc2d44aedae2bd

Sample project for the reading and writing 18-bit RGB VGA Palette (pal) files with C# blog post.

26/12/2017 Download
  • sha256: c209600f7368ebe7a0b63de229b0a5bde7efbe547f2387a6b61a34e35c034c66

Sample project for the Arranging items radially around a central point using C# blog post.

05/11/2017 Download
  • sha256: aca4e0a6d1aa4ed63fadecbc6e60039f7249f89abf73555c011ac34c41535da7

Sample project for the painting animated images blog post.

28/10/2017 Download
  • sha256: 5d05b91c2ce2699dd39bdba6660dfe834aefac64837f02acfa0568b46c146de5

Sample project for the capturing screenshots using C# and p/invoke article.

27/08/2017 Download
  • sha256: 1dbb16d0bf3c2416992efe83e97ac37b5e886d7c0aa752007d3c8c459afdcdd9

Basic Markdig extension for the writing custom Markdig extensions blog post.

05/08/2017 Download
  • sha256: 265891bb2116398ea5f56664a414853d0896fcca65ce37ece151f68d238a646f

Sample project for the Translating text with Azure cognitive services blog post.

05/05/2017 Download
  • sha256: 67dfe4c342abf5f7ff82a0077e752dfce66ace5fee9aa7d6aca7698e19ea9f2a

Sample project for the using custom type converters with C# and YamlDotNet, part 2 blog post.

24/04/2017 Download
  • sha256: 70865eff552b26245c036320b92b2d2f010b0e62cffb0b7f9b4728e972509a6a

Sample project for the using custom type converters with C# and YamlDotNet, part 1 blog post.

01/04/2017 Download
  • sha256: 8781446c207bc5faf4021226bdbd3789c6acdd21efbaeaa101dbcca0a2749abf

Sample project for the writing Microsoft RIFF Palette (pal) files with C# blog post. 04/03/2017 Download
  • sha256: 65ed960371418198622905bab618209fe66b36fb490c66c0f40a2f0548a42b3e

Sample project for the loading Microsoft RIFF Palette (pal) files with C# blog post. 18/02/2017 Download
  • sha256: a791f5e43926bedbf9ba25606cf7d325046c708ca7f86e2f918d31c34b9ef613

Sample project for the finding nearest colors using Euclidean distance blog post.

06/01/2017 Download
  • sha256: 52680d16d3825c2096f502526f0de41b2db2992679cfe8154ad3c9d7836b664c

Sample project for the displaying multi-page tiff files using the ImageBox control and C# blog post.

30/07/2016 Download
  • sha256: 3bf039f038a478d5f31aca3e1ca634739e4343a84de89ab73ff6c2f33653f9c2

Sample project for the retrieving font and text metrics using C# blog post.

09/07/2016 Download
  • sha256: eb014fe61a006edcbe89107bc437dd99b3910badf471f20dc30d79fd7edbc743

Sample project for the adding keyboard accelerators and visual cues to a WinForms control article. 04/06/2016 Download
  • sha256: 5ceae932d31aaf657e5c3dfc0d8908d52980bdfb7361bbc1473cfe5188ec4c0e

Sample project for the rotating an array using C# article. 24/12/2015 Download
  • sha256: 152c5051abec694120031b4b0ed923608627b0081994f99cf6d043cc1663ed20

Sample project for loading and saving Adobe Swatch Exchange (ase) files using C#. 21/10/2015 Download
  • sha256: 0849f24fab4399ebc514d8d4ac3af448985fd323b7ab0133e16650cfefe2177b

Sample project for loading Adobe Swatch Exchange (ase) files using C#. 16/10/2015 Download
  • md5: c6446bb984067f8c06070622748afc4e

Working around System.ArgumentException: Only TrueType fonts are supported. This is not a TrueType font project.

1.0.0 24/08/2015 Download
  • md5: 960d00ff8054b8711bf56c562a141126

Sample C# project demonstrating the Floyd‑Steinberg and Burkes algorithms for dithering an image. 06/06/2015 Download
  • md5: bb270258821b5e85be1228fe088a3e32

Sample project for the Adding Double Click support to the ComboBox control blog post. 11/10/2014 Download
  • md5: 39356bf60268fa530c9f0e472b474eb7

Sample project for the dragging items in a ListBox control with visual insertion guides blog post. 27/07/2014 Download
  • md5: 4168ad176fc85c10770000b0408f7cab

Sample project for the dragging items in a ListView control with visual insertion guides blog post. 27/07/2014 Download
  • md5: 565fb8296871228bd35c3b3daa58d187

Sample file for the article configuring the emulation mode of an Internet Explorer WebBrowser control

28/06/2014 Download
  • md5: c961d4fb5ee06a22c58bc600232d9949

Sample project for the Batch Syntax Highlighting in the DigitalRune Text Editor Control blog post.

23/06/2014 Download
  • md5: eafe88cd279eec36bc79f6409f0fc49d

Cyotek ImageBox Control, update 13/02/2014 Download
  • md5: c5498aad2487ba4d5b87707f27e9eb30

Sample project for the Writing Photoshop Color Swatch (aco) files using C# blog article. 28/01/2014 Download
  • md5: ea73aa398ec190b0794416866e79de48

Sample project for the Reading Photoshop Color Swatch (aco) files using C# blog article. 22/01/2014 Download
  • md5: 277a85ced16921e1e3ae9967aba61e71

Sample project for the article loading the color palette from a BBM/LBM image file using C# 11/01/2014 Download
  • md5: 3d84cc965982745d60d01044853821d7

Sample file for the article How to be notified when your application is activated and deactivated

29/12/2013 Download
  • md5: 84276c0e1d02b4750fc1ecd76d71bedd

Sample project for the Extending the LabelEdit functionality of a TreeView to include validation blog post.

28/10/2013 Download
  • md5: 80ba715b3ff9cc64851d7914f54af397

Sample project for the Specifying custom text when using the LabelEdit functionality of a TreeView blog post.

28/10/2013 Download
  • md5: ccba37a7ccb1818b8026bcfbdd632edb

Source code for the Visual Studio Extension for adding multiple projects to a solution blog post. 12/10/2013 Download
  • md5: 4fcc1a5a01f589b63820d14e3288db50

Sample project for the getting the hWnd of the edit component within a ComboBox control blog post. 29/09/2013 Download
  • md5: 08cb1fda4e8e679d8fec0608417e3910

Sample project for the downloading new and changed Azure storage blobs at scheduled intervals blog post. 08/09/2013 Download
  • md5: 672e52b457e869f33e5ad810cdf69182

Sample project for the creating long running Windows Forms applications without a start-up form blog post.

26/08/2013 Download
  • md5: 12dfe9b74b052e3c18cd0c878b92b8f9

Example project showing how to convert enum members to and from custom description strings. 28/07/2013 Download
  • md5: 67b65012f13482441501bf3b82c8256d

Example project showing how to create a simple custom type converter that covers more advance functionality, such as InstanceDescriptor objects, property expansion and standard values. 28/07/2013 Download
  • md5: b750911ae2f67565a562ace5615f3f06

Example project showing how to create a simple custom type converter that performs string conversion for a specific object. 28/07/2013 Download
  • md5: 34597ba8a4143a1794524236d9f43524

Cyotek Color Picker controls for Windows Forms Update 13/07/2013 Download
  • md5: 1e8ccdf10305cc43789e4fa28c96006b

An sample project which demonstrates how to use C# to split a rectangle into multiple smaller parts based on pairs of co-ordinates.

10/02/2013 Download
  • md5: ee0a54e24b2d179753dd306c58951c1a

Sample project demonstrating creating a custom error provider that changes a control's background colour in addition to providing a tool tip.

01/01/2013 Download
  • md5: fbf021a18c325e7384b409ad256a9207

Cyotek.Windows.Forms.TabList control, a multi-paged container control with design time support and a Visual Studio 2012 look 31/12/2012 Download
  • md5: 47bd4bf571be76c33b954d358dca933b

An example C# project that uses a reflection load only context to scan assemblies in a folder and check that referenced assemblies are present with the correct version.

06/10/2012 Download
  • md5: c843de73a133efff768069ba12dd1057

Simple player for audio files to avoid having to use your core media player when trying to preview game audio etc. Currently only supports WAV. 23/09/2012 Download
  • md5: 0b163c5c6596db5940457e81286ce656

Sample ASP.NET website which shows how to convert PDF files into images and display them in a web browser.

10/07/2012 Download
  • md5: bd412009442f7923a555ba5b0f508fe0

Sample C# application project which can generate simple arcade style explosion images for use in your own applications . 05/06/2012 Download
  • md5: 91a9ec0fa7025622118ebc1f46ecfb30

Sample project which shows extending the ImageBox control to support selection regions.

30/05/2012 Download
  • md5: 9897dbfb0eb6346f09d88a50f9687e2e

Source code for a parser for AngelCode BMFont text and XML font formats.

02/01/2012 Download
  • md5: 347f7d65e83267424d0afa1dffdaae45

Langton's ant implementation developed using C# 08/03/2011 Download
  • md5: 5176311d2ed74377312c76dfb6b5ec98

Sample project showing how to extend the ImageBox control in order to display convert and display PDF files in a .NET WinForms application with the help of GhostScript.

04/09/2011 Download
  • md5: c9cc930135dc96e14ef83982b70cfb63

Work in progress class library for providing GhostScript integration in a .NET application.

04/09/2011 Download
  • md5: 574e909a3ebab8a19467809055c045f3

Class library for converting PDF files into images using GhostScript. Also requires the Cyotek.GhostScript assembly.

04/09/2011 Download
  • md5: 4ef11a50a0bd719feec13b1ae50681d2

Sample project which shows how to create a definition ruleset to allow CSS formatting in the DigitalRune/SharpDevelop Text Editor Controls, and to load custom definition rulesets into the control.

08/07/2011 Download
  • md5: 82e22914280304e46a2656ba3d550f35

OpenSource C# project for importing SourceSafe databases into Subversion repositories.

02/07/2011 Download
  • md5: 47ec793695147b1fd5c45608fae7673b

Sample which shows how to display ListView and TreeView controls using Visual Styles in Windows Vista or higher via the SetWindowTheme API.

16/04/2011 Download
  • md5: 1e2d47df8c24030e01a8c1c979e60e41

Sample project showing for implementing a trackback handler in C# for use with either ASP.NET or MVC.

22/09/2010 Download
  • md5: a9c303394674b55fd15c3d66bf15a903

Fourth and final in a multi part series on creating an image viewer that can be scrolled and zoomed in C#. After part three added panning, we now add zoom support via the mouse wheel and clicking with the left or right buttons, along with some additional display properties.

28/08/2010 Download
  • md5: 18e195e5dce9f1b6b33738aadcfa7c12

Sample project showing how to create an image viewer that supports scrolling with the mouse and keyboard, and panning with the mouse.

23/08/2010 Download
  • md5: 93acdba6edd5d87cc16504cdf86a5416

Second in a multi part series on creating an image viewer that can be scrolled and zoomed in C#. After part one created the initial component with auto resize, we now add scrolling support.

13/08/2010 Download
  • md5: 6c242a0660e87167a8698fc374287727

First in a multi part series on creating an image viewer that can be scrolled and zoomed in C#.

12/08/2010 Download
  • md5: de00358a12b9f95e5210e3ba8807e615

Sample C# project showing how to add a horizontal scrollbar to a ComboBox in C# using the WS_HSCROLL style and CB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT message.

13/07/2010 Download
  • md5: 054e65a63a4282e39625d1c0635f87e7

Sample project for implementing collision detection in the sprites of the Boulder Dash (Boulderdash) arcade game.

07/07/2010 Download
  • md5: 9764f053887f43bd6b0b57f7db7496fa

Sample project for implementing the AI of the Butterfly and Firefly sprites of the Boulderdash arcade game.

19/06/2010 Download
  • md5: e33d27a1760bd48f92ea2556322c392f

A simple to use class library for converting text containing BBCode used by popular forum systems into HTML using C#.

18/03/2010 Download
  • md5: e319b42bf8f69e8f5734ee4930ff5951
10/08/2009 Download

Visual Basic 6

Source code written for use with Visual Basic 6. The files in this section are not maintained by Cyotek nor do they follow any meaningful coding standards. These files are provided as is and are not supported by Cyotek.

Filename Description Version Release Date
  • md5: 26afc89285581880adcea85741a89874

Simple screen saver written in Visual Basic 6 duplicate the matrix effect. Shows how to create a screen saver, including configuration and preview.

07/07/2000 Download
  • md5: c958d1e29df5f1dae69cb60751127938

Source code for a toolbar written using Visual Basic 6. Demonstrates using the Windows API for drawing, including memory device contexts.

09/04/2000 Download


Miscellaneous source code.

Filename Description Version Release Date
  • sha256: 199dc1f38e5cdac392c6778668fef635bb4ed365c63e102acbb646a10b172473

Sample script for the integrating NDepend with Jenkins blog post.

27/01/2017 Download
  • sha256: 66f2a49c13ad72784c5e580173e35a1b9b04784b653ddc7eb177645a9ad28205

Sample script for the using parameters with Jenkins pipeline builds blog post.

20/01/2017 Download
  • sha256: 4d1e58fc516e4c82542a4cc19925f993fb0418627cf4ff5df386b44fd954f58f

Sample script for the using a Jenkins Pipeline to build and publish Nuget packages blog post.

14/01/2017 Download