A new update has been released for Cyotek Sitemap Creator bringing it to, and Cyotek WebCopy bringing it to

These updates include a number of bug fixes, the most important being a file corruption issue, where text files using non-ANSI encoding were saved without encoding, causing extended characters to appear corrupt. Another important update is a correction to error processing, as it was possible for a URI to fail to be scanned, but unless the failure was a HTTP error status, it was not reported correctly making it impossible to continue or work out why the URI was failing. A number of other bugs have also been addressed, such as resolving problems with response encodings, user agents, and more - please see the individual revision history pages for more details.

A new update has been released for Cyotek WebCopy bringing it to

This update resolves a large number of issues and user interface improvements.

Among the new features is an automatic and unobtrusive update check, new reports for viewing external URI's and images, and support for content viewers. Two content viewers (text, image) are provided by default and are embedded in the Report Viewer window - this allows you to easily browse local content while viewing a report such as with the new images report. Various other UI tweaks have also been implemented.

In addition to various corrections to the user interface, such as duplicate accelerators in some menus, this update also addresses a number of operations which would crash the application without any change of recovery.

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