A new update has been released for Cyotek Spriter bringing it to

This update has several bug fixes, but also includes a nice range of new functionality, such as:

  • Post processing of generated sprite maps using OptiPng
  • Options to set the automatic sprite map resizing to use power of two's
  • Options to set the minimum size of the sprite map - this option and the power of two option should make it easier to make texture atlases
  • New display settings and user interface functionality
  • Ability to run custom tools from within Spriter with variable substitution for various project attributes, such as export file names
  • ... and more

Click the link below to learn more about the update.

New updates have been released for Cyotek Spriter, Cyotek WebCopy and Cyotek Sitemap Creator. These updates address a number of issues identified with each product, and also corrects a number of issues with common application components, mainly opening the way for better plugin support and multi threading.

Click the links below to learn more about each update: