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Cyotek Spriter Released

A new update has been released for Cyotek Spriter bringing it to

This update has several bug fixes, but also includes a nice range of new functionality, such as:

  • Post processing of generated sprite maps using OptiPng
  • Options to set the automatic sprite map resizing to use power of two's
  • Options to set the minimum size of the sprite map - this option and the power of two option should make it easier to make texture atlases
  • New display settings and user interface functionality
  • Ability to run custom tools from within Spriter with variable substitution for various project attributes, such as export file names
  • ... and more

Click the link below to learn more about the update.

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Andrew Deakins

# Reply

hi there, great little tool. just tried using it. couple of minors, it always inserts the . for the class name when you would sometimes want something different and I found the css file generates the / the wrong way. Otherwise awesome job !

thanks v much.


Richard Moss

# Reply


Thanks for the comment! I'll add an option to customize this in the next update.

Regards; Richard Moss