The following are changes currently implemented in development builds of Cyotek WebCopy. Please note that these changes are not final and may be removed prior to the next stable release. If you have any comments about these forthcoming changes, please contact us.

Nightly builds featuring these changes are available from the Downloads page.


  • Added a new Keep Alive setting. Setting this to false can help prevent the "The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine" crawl failure.
  • Added a new Prefix Mode setting. This setting allows you to force URI's to either have or remove the www prefix, useful for avoiding duplicated files when copying a website which uses a mix of prefixed and non-prefixed URI's
  • Added the ability to replace sections of a URI when crawling documents
  • Added a new report to view non-HTTP links
  • (Experimental) Added new Extract Data URIs setting. Enabling this option will extract inlined images using the data: protocol into separate files.


  • Setup should now automatically uninstall previous versions
  • Numerous changes to how plugins are discovered, loaded and configured. Due to no longer storing plugin details in the Windows Registry, this will cause any disabled plugins to be re-enabled
  • WebCopy will now correctly report non-HTTP links such as mailto: or ftp: as skipped rather than silently ignoring them


  • The project scan and repair tool is no longer included in setup


  • WebCopy could incorrectly exclude some URL's believing them to be mailto: links
  • Fixed several occurrences when a crash could occur when invalid path characters were present in URL segments
  • Some HTML tags appeared as "Unknown" in list views
  • URI's would be incorrectly combined if the relative URI was just query string and the source URI already had a query string
  • Download percentages were calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after copying a website if the Update local time stamps option was set
  • Report viewer didn't show external URI's
  • Fixed case-sensitivity issues in some built-in reports


Download current and archived versions of Cyotek WebCopy


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