The following are changes currently implemented in development builds of Cyotek WebCopy. Please note that these changes are not final and may be removed prior to the next stable release. If you have any comments about these forthcoming changes, please contact us.

Nightly builds featuring these changes are available from the Downloads page.

Version 1.4 (Nightly)


  • If the URI to crawl redirected to an external URI, no feedback would be provided to the user regarding the redirect and the crawl would just appear to halt with an empty response
  • A crash no longer occurs if a website returns a Content-Encoding header that either isn't a standard value or one that is not supported by WebCopy
  • List views now remove line breaks from displayed content

Version 1.5


  • WebCopy now includes a database of all registered mime types, instead of relying solely on what is registered on the local computer [#271]
  • Added a new remap mode setting, all except arbitrary binary data, which will correctly remap content types to the appropriate extension regardless of the source URL, unless the content type is application/octet-stream [#182]


  • The default remap mode for all new projects is now all except arbitrary binary data (previously it was only if no extension present, probably the worse default possible) [#182]
  • The Select Mime Types dialog can now load in all registered types rather than only what was detected in a given website


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