Listed below is the release roadmap for Cyotek WebCopy. A full list of outstanding issues can also be found on the known issues page.


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Downloads may be available containing resolved issues from nightly builds.


  • [0000224] [Bug] Directory not found crash using CLI
  • [0000222] [Bug] Divide by zero crash attempting to view website size graph
  • [0000223] [Bug] URI format exception using CLI
  • [0000216] [Bug] "Not a valid Win32 FileTime" exception when setting local file time


  • [0000219] [Enhancement] Add new options for specifying custom headers
  • [0000218] [Enhancement] Add the ability to import cookies
  • [0000217] [Bug] Login forms which use a custom JS function to alter fields when the form is submitted can't be handled by WebCopy
  • [0000208] [Bug] Object reference not set crash when hovering over slice in chart window
  • [0000202] [Bug] WebCopy is inconsistent with how it treats URI's in regards to case sensitivity
  • [0000201] [Enhancement] Add exception report actions to CLI tools
  • [0000194] [Enhancement] If HEAD request fails with 405 automatically retry with GET and disable header checking
  • [0000004] [Bug] Severe performance issues loading sitemap for large projects
  • [0000151] [Bug] Diagram viewer unusable with massive websites
  • [0000065] [Bug] Out of memory sorting ListView
  • [0000064] [Bug] Out of memory crash with WebsiteLinksDialog
  • [0000063] [Bug] Various memory issues


  • [0000206] [Enhancement] Add the ability to to retry certain types of download errors
  • [0000182] [Bug] "Remap file extensions by content type" has wrong default value leading to user confusion when downloading server pages
  • [0000165] [Enhancement] Add the ability to pause and resume downloads
  • [0000155] [Enhancement] Ask the user for intent if the URI to copy is a deep link
  • [0000153] [Enhancement] Reinstate portable builds
  • [0000152] [Enhancement] Change useragents to JSON and update
  • [0000148] [Enhancement] Simplify main user interface
  • [0000147] [Enhancement] Add bookmarklet to invoke WebCopy from browser
  • [0000146] [Enhancement] Prioritise downloads so resources such as audio or video are downloaded before HTML content
  • [0000145] [Enhancement] Add startup wizard to ask questions and set common options
  • [0000061] [Enhancement] Support multithreaded copying


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