Listed below is the release roadmap for Cyotek WebCopy. A full list of outstanding issues can also be found on the known issues page.


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Downloads may be available containing resolved issues from nightly builds.


  • [0000230] [Enhancement] If Capture Form tool finds multiple forms, try and detect which one is the login form and select it
  • [0000303] [Bug] WebCopy can corrupt files if the headers don't specify a content encoding
  • [0000296] [Enhancement] Test URI dialog should support custom attributes and URI transforms
  • [0000276] [Bug] Context menus in lists cannot be opened with the mouse when clicking blank area of list
  • [0000219] [Enhancement] Add new options for specifying custom headers
  • [0000278] [Bug] "Settings could not be loaded" message opening demo project when using minimal install
  • [0000320] [Enhancement] Quick Scan window should be resizable
  • [0000312] [Bug] Long `www-authenticate` header realm value truncated


  • [0000333] [Enhancement] Allow external login
  • [0000327] [Bug] Extensionless URL's with period have malformed local filename
  • [0000324] [Enhancement] Keep original extension as part of remapped file
  • [0000165] [Enhancement] Add the ability to pause and resume downloads
  • [0000218] [Enhancement] Add the ability to import cookies
  • [0000323] [Enhancement] Add support for namespaces in custom attributes
  • [0000239] [Enhancement] Add support for extracting inline SVG files
  • [0000202] [Bug] WebCopy is inconsistent with how it treats URI's in regards to case sensitivity
  • [0000267] [Enhancement] Use query string values when generating local filenames


  • [0000201] [Enhancement] Add exception report actions to CLI tools
  • [0000151] [Bug] Diagram viewer unusable with massive websites
  • [0000063] [Bug] Various memory issues
  • [0000245] [Bug] "Out of memory exception" building sitemap
  • [0000268] [Enhancement] Simply internal sitemap generation
  • [0000242] [Enhancement] Simplify crawl decision making logic
  • [0000243] [Enhancement] Allow use of basic wildcards in all places where regular expressions are supported
  • [0000236] [Bug] "Quantifier {x,y} following nothing" crash checking if a given URI is an additional host to crawl


  • [0000061] [Enhancement] Support multithreaded copying
  • [0000329] [Enhancement] Offer to enable the "Ignore SSL Errors" option when an invalid certificate is detected
  • [0000328] [Enhancement] Rework folder structure to go by domain
  • [0000325] [Enhancement] Add the ability to extract content
  • [0000322] [Enhancement] Reinstate download speed UI
  • [0000321] [Enhancement] Allow "Submit Feedback" screenshot option to include active window only
  • [0000217] [Bug] Login forms which use a custom JS function to alter fields when the form is submitted can't be handled by WebCopy
  • [0000286] [Enhancement] Allow "include" rules to override every single other restriction
  • [0000282] [Enhancement] Make it easier to specify multiple source URI's in GUI client
  • [0000281] [Enhancement] Allow URI's to copy to be specified from text file
  • [0000275] [Enhancement] Add ability to specify which columns are included in CSV exports
  • [0000246] [Bug] Out of memory crash working with document editor
  • [0000264] [Enhancement] Convert WebCopy project file into database
  • [0000263] [Bug] CLI tools don't handle projects containing extension settings
  • [0000256] [Enhancement] Expose the maximum depth crawl setting
  • [0000255] [Enhancement] Add support for generating MHT files
  • [0000235] [Enhancement] Replace HTML Agility Pack library with something more stable
  • [0000244] [Enhancement] Add protocol handlers to make it more easy to plug in support for other procotcols
  • [0000004] [Bug] Severe performance issues loading sitemap for large projects
  • [0000241] [Bug] Major layout issues on high DPI monitors


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