Listed below is the release roadmap for Cyotek WebCopy. A full list of outstanding issues can also be found on the known issues page.


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Downloads may be available containing resolved issues from nightly builds.


  • [0000434] [Bug] Quick scan dialog crashes for projects with an invalid URI
  • [0000435] [Bug] WebCopy GUI crashes if the output path is invalid
  • [0000433] [Bug] Remapping links doesn't URL-encode local filenames
  • [0000430] [Bug] Quick scan dialog crashes for projects without a URI
  • [0000431] [Bug] Quick scan dialog crashes if form parsing fails to obtain remote content
  • [0000202] [Bug] WebCopy is inconsistent with how it treats URI's in regards to case sensitivity
  • [0000383] [Enhancement] Force HTTPS for all links for a given domain
  • [0000407] [Enhancement] Reinstate JavaScript detection warning
  • [0000365] [Enhancement] Add new extension mode to only rename text/html and leave all others
  • [0000364] [Enhancement] Order link info by URI
  • [0000404] [Enhancement] Load meta data without parsing entire document
  • [0000405] [Bug] http-equiv="last-modified" ignored
  • [0000399] [Bug] Severe performance issue in GUI client when crawling large site
  • [0000403] [Enhancement] Add same command line options from CLI to GUI
  • [0000402] [Enhancement] Add option to limit number of children in sitemap treeview
  • [0000327] [Bug] Extensionless URL's with period have malformed local filename
  • [0000396] [Bug] An error occurred when parsing the Cookie header
  • [0000397] [Bug] Crash when displaying site diagram
  • [0000391] [Bug] Link walker can get into infinite loop
  • [0000242] [Enhancement] Simplify crawl decision making logic
  • [0000363] [Enhancement] Allow index based access to link info
  • [0000281] [Enhancement] Allow URI's to copy to be specified from text file
  • [0000282] [Enhancement] Make it easier to specify multiple source URI's in GUI client
  • [0000337] [Enhancement] Add proxy server support to CLI configuration
  • [0000382] [Enhancement] Test standard user agent on 403
  • [0000394] [Bug] Crash reordering list items


  • [0000437] [Bug] Investigate content-type header for posted forms
  • [0000436] [Bug] Custom headers are not applied to post requests
  • [0000406] [Bug] Some ASP.NET websites return 404 for some HEAD requests but initial test passes
  • [0000392] [Enhancement] Change URL transforms to be processed when first encountered, not when crawled
  • [0000206] [Enhancement] Add the ability to to retry certain types of download errors
  • [0000380] [Enhancement] Auto pause if the network connection appears to be down
  • [0000379] [Enhancement] Auto pause if a given status code is returned
  • [0000260] [Enhancement] Add ability to retry URI's / detect when connection is dropped
  • [0000165] [Enhancement] Add the ability to pause and resume downloads


  • [0000061] [Enhancement] Support multithreaded copying


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