Listed below is the release roadmap for Cyotek WebCopy. A full list of outstanding issues can also be found on the known issues page.


  • [Bug] Object reference exception opening a project with a blank URI, then attempting to browse the URI
  • [Bug] "The length can not be less than zero. Parameter name: length" exception when calculating level
  • [Enhancement] Add the ability to configure the keep-alive connection header
  • [Bug] Crash if addins directory does not exist
  • [Enhancement] Rework commands that should work on another thread to use anything other than AsyncCallback


  • [Enhancement] Add a warning when JavaScript detected
  • [Bug] Excluding a URI from the sitemap causes sitemap to be reloaded
  • [Enhancement] Add the ability to report problem websites
  • [Bug] Download progress displayed in list views is incorrect
  • [Bug] Redirect chain checking doesn't reset for new URL's
  • [Enhancement] Add reporting of detected URL's that couldn't be processed
  • [Bug] Adding automatic rule from full URI prefixes schema with slash


  • [Bug] Severe performance issues loading sitemap for large projects
  • [Bug] Out of memory sorting ListView
  • [Bug] Out of memory crash with WebsiteLinksDialog
  • [Bug] Various memory issues


  • [Enhancement] Support multithreaded copying


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