The following are changes currently implemented in development builds of Cyotek Palette Editor. Please note that these changes are not final and may be removed prior to the next stable release. If you have any comments about these forthcoming changes, please contact us.

Nightly builds featuring these changes are available from the Downloads page.


  • Added initial support for Adobe Swatch Exchange palettes in RGB format [#27]
  • Added initial support for CorelDRAW PAL/XML palettes in RGB or CMYK format [#42]
  • Added support for Hex palettes [#301]
  • Added support for Gravit Designer palettes
  • Added new Reverse Palette command
  • Added new Variations view, allowing easy selection of a color based on an existing hue
  • Added automatic translations for Arabic and Czech
  • Added a new function for submitting colour palettes that the editor can't open for analysis
  • Templates can now be duplicated via the Template Manager
  • Added a new guid tag for use in templates to generate new globally unique identifiers
  • Added a new modal dialog for editing a color
  • The Batch Conversion dialog now has new options for padding converted palettes to a minimum size
  • Added Save Copy As command
  • Added new Compare command for comparing one palette with another
  • Added new nocrashreport switch to command line clients
  • Command line clients can now display solution information when reporting crashes [#201]


  • Formats dialog now includes file extension information
  • Tabbed or tree based option/property dialogs now include a search field
  • Batch conversion log output is now displayed in the batch dialog, rather than a popup dialog
  • Minor improvements to External Tools dialog
  • Minor start-up improvements


  • Empty analytics sessions are no longer transmitted
  • Template output no longer includes UTF8 BOM's [#266]
  • The Feedback extension crashed if the application language was set to a value other than English [#283]
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible that text tokens weren't replaced
  • Setup would display an error stating Unknown custom message name "lcid" if an appropriate version of .NET Framework was not installed and was required to be downloaded by Setup
  • Uninstall should no longer prompt for feedback when running Setup to upgrade an existing installation
  • A crash would occur when executing a template and no default extension was set [#299]
  • Setup now includes all available languages when using the default Typical installation
  • Preset manager not longer correctly handled some data types causing the Create Swatch Image dialog to crash when trying to use a preset [regression]
  • Corrected some settings that weren't being cached
  • Exception reports no longer include the user name of the current user
  • Exception reports no longer include the raw host name
  • Backup files had the wrong file extension (regression)
  • Partial output is no longer printed by CLI tools when using the quiet switch
  • Statistics are now printed when using the statistics switch even if quiet is also specified
  • All output is now correctly written to log files when the log switch is used, irrespective of the quiet switch setting
  • Setup programs were only signed with SHA256, meaning Windows Vista couldn't read the signatures
  • Setup tried to install .NET 4.6.2, causing an installation failure on Windows Vista which only supports 4.6.0


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