Listed below is the release roadmap for Cyotek Color Palette Editor. A full list of outstanding issues can also be found on the known issues page.


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Downloads may be available containing resolved issues from nightly builds.


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  • [0000307] [Enhancement] Add comparison tool
  • [0000027] [FileFormat] Add support for Adobe Stack Exchange files
  • [0000300] [Enhancement] When batch converting palettes, add an option to grow the palette to match the destination format
  • [0000301] [FileFormat] Add support for HEX palette format
  • [0000046] [FileFormat] Add the ability to read/write SwatchBooker palettes
  • [0000043] [FileFormat] Add the ability to read/write OpenOffice palettes
  • [0000042] [FileFormat] Add ability to read/write CorelDraw palettes
  • [0000041] [FileFormat] Add the ability to read/write Scribus palettes
  • [0000029] [FileFormat] Add support for Affinity Designer palettes
  • [0000028] [FileFormat] Add ability to read swatches from AI file
  • [0000299] [Bug] "Value cannot be null" crash when running a template without a default extension
  • [0000283] [Bug] Crash loading Feedback extension with localisation enabled
  • [0000266] [Bug] Template output includes UTF-8 BOM
  • [0000209] [Bug] Screen color picker doesn't work properly on high DPI systems
  • [0000181] [Enhancement] Add new initial setup screen to specify default options (e.g. swatch mode, feedback program)


  • [0000309] [FileFormat] Add support for Xara palettes
  • [0000308] [FileFormat] Add support for Axialis color swatches
  • [0000306] [Enhancement] Added complete support for HSL/HSV colors
  • [0000302] [FileFormat] Add support for SketchPalette format
  • [0000169] [Enhancement] Color list is essentially virtual but still requires all items added to list
  • [0000051] [Enhancement] Add localization extension
  • [0000159] [Enhancement] Update batch conversion dialog to show source details
  • [0000164] [Bug] ColorGrid sizing is sub optimal and can break mouse handling


  • [0000330] [FileFormat] Add support for Krita palettes
  • [0000172] [Enhancement] Add new tool to increase or decrease the saturation of a color via a configurable increment
  • [0000170] [Enhancement] Add additional editing tools
  • [0000171] [Enhancement] Add new tool to increase or decrease the brightness of a color via a configurable increment
  • [0000030] [Enhancement] Add support for color groups
  • [0000024] [Enhancement] Add contrast helper


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