Cyotek Palette Editor has a small but growing set of powerful features.

Multiple palette formats

Multiple palette formats

Out of the box Palette Editor supports multiple file formats including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft RIFF, Gimp and JASC. Learn more.

Easy palette editing

Easy to use

The editor features a simple interface to allow you to edit a palette without distraction. Enter colours using hex, RGB or HSL notations. Duplicate colours to make variations, or import from external files.

Creating a palette from an existing image

Create a palette from an image

As well as creating palettes from scratch, you can get a helping hand by generating a palette from all or part of an existing image. Learn more.

Live color schemes

Dynamic palette schemes

Automatically generate colour from a base color using a variety of harmonious schemes. Learn more.

Creating a switch image

Generate swatch image

Create a swatch image containing the contents of a palette - perfect for online previews. Images can be customised in a number of ways, and reusable presets saved. Learn more

Localisation support


Beta localisation support means you can enjoy using the product in your native language. Is your language not listed? Contact us.

Copying colours to the clipboard

Cut, Copy, Paste

Cyotek's Palette Editor allows you to copy colours to the clipboard in a variety of formats, and paste colours back into the palette as well.

Easy reordering

Reordering of colour swatches

In addition to several methods for automatically reordering colour swatches, you can also do this manually - both by drag and drop, or with the keyboard.

Using Liquid templates to generate custom output


Templates allow anyone to easily generate custom output from a template, for example generating CSS, a HTML swatch sheet, or your own custom format. No programming experience required! Learn more

Importing an existing palette

Import and Export

Existing palettes can also be imported into the current palette as required. You can also export palettes to a variety of formats. Learn more

Printing a swatch sheet


As well as being able to generate HTML swatch sheets, you can also directly print swatch sheets from within the palette editor. Learn more

Batch conversion of palettes

Batch Conversion

Have colour palettes in different formats? Use the Batch tool to convert a series of source palettes into alternative formats. Learn more

You can also learn about Palette Editor features from the User Manual


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