CanoScan LiDE 100 Windows 10 Compatibility


This is a summary of Windows versions I have personally tested the scanner with.

Windows Version Bitness Supported?
Windows 7 Home N 32bit Yes (1)
Windows 10 (1809) 64bit Yes (1)
Windows 10 (1703) 64bit Yes (1)
  1. Scanner works via WIA, front panel buttons do not as no applications appear to be registered to use them. Twain untested.


  • 26Sep2019 - Added Windows 10 1703 after trying the scanner in my Surface 2 Pro
  • 04Sep2019 - Initial release of article


The drivers page for the Canon CanoScan LiDE 100 scanner states that the scanner is not supported in Windows 10 (either 32 or 64 bit). As far as Windows goes it is officially supported from Windows 2000 to Windows 8.1, and also on OS X 10.5 - 10.10.

Even though no drivers are available to download, I recently plugged one of these scanners into my Windows 10 x64 desktop (version 1809). To my surprise, Windows Update kicked in and download a set of drivers and then the scanner was partially operational.

What do I mean by partial? I was able to scan using the Windows Image Acquisition framework (WIA) from several applications. However, none of the buttons on the front of the scanner are operational - when viewing the properties of the device the properties page states that no applications are registered that can use the buttons. For me, this isn't a problem as I generally only scan pictures and so far haven't needed any OCR facilities.

I'm posting this as I wasn't actually expecting the scanner to work. This is the second flatbed scanner I've bought over the long years, the first one was in the Windows 9x era (also a Canon) and, if memory serves, the scanner simply didn't work with Windows NT and so once I'd moved onto Windows 2000 it was an unusable brick.

I bought this scanner second hand from eBay and based on Canon's website and my personal experience of that previous scanner, I assumed that it wouldn't work with my Windows 10 machines. While waiting for it to be delivered I dug out an old and frankly not very good netbook and stuck Windows 7 on it. While the scanner worked absolutely fine with this, I decided that I wanted to write a quick tool for performing chain scanning with as few user actions as possible. Given that trying to do real work with that netbook is not feasible, I plugged the scanner into my desktop in the slim hope it would work so I could develop my tool. Happily for me, it did!

As long as I have this scanner and Windows 10 I'll test it again with each new Windows 10 upgrade and will update this post if the compatibility status changes.

Printers & scanners listing the LiDE 100

The Scanners and Cameras dialog listing the LiDE 100

The WIA CanoScan LiDE 100 scanner properties dialog

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