The following are changes currently implemented in development builds of Cyotek Spriter. Please note that these changes are not final and may be removed prior to the next stable release. If you have any comments about these forthcoming changes, please contact us.

Nightly builds featuring these changes are available from the Downloads page.


  • Added new nocrashreport switch to command line clients
  • Command line clients can now display solution information when reporting crashes [#201]


  • Minor improvements to External Tools dialog
  • Minor start-up improvements
  • No longer forced to run as 32bit in 64bit environments


  • Corrected some settings that weren't being cached
  • Exception reports no longer include the user name of the current user
  • Exception reports no longer include the raw host name
  • Backup files had the wrong file extension (regression)
  • Partial output is no longer printed by CLI tools when using the quiet switch
  • Statistics are now printed when using the statistics switch even if quiet is also specified
  • All output is now correctly written to log files when the log switch is used, irrespective of the quiet switch setting
  • Setup programs were only signed with SHA256, meaning Windows Vista couldn't read the signatures
  • Setup tried to install .NET 4.6.2, causing an installation failure on Windows Vista which only supports 4.6.0
  • Image numbers were being disabled even if the option was disabled [#498]
  • Some changes (for example packing method) would cause effect results to disappear [#497]


  • The OptiPng extension has been removed and has been replaced with generic Optimisation Profiles covering the use of OptiPng and other tools (User Manual)
  • Slightly improved the experience of preview views when there is nothing to export [#511]
  • When the Use Power of Two option was enabled, the generated image size would be larger than expected [#502]


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