The following enhancements are ideas to be added to Slicr over time. The features listed here are in no particular order nor are a guarantee that such a feature will be implemented.

You can also view upcoming changes.


  • Rework the application to use the new application framework developed for Gif Animator, ie multiple documents, translation support, customizable window layouts etc.
  • Extend templating to support additional languages such as Liquid
  • Spriter import


  • Rename the product to something that makes more sense and is easily searchable
  • Release the SDK documentation and examples of how to create effects, addins and views.
  • Drop segments and just allow users to draw regions which split up the entire document; the segment system seems overly complicated

Completed Issues

  • Template support, to allow additional files (such as HTML) to be generated from a source Slicr project Advanced templates introduced in, simple templates to follow


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