Slicr allows you to draw your own regions to slice on a source image

Drawing Tools

Split up your source images either by drawing individual segments, or full rectangles. Segments can then be moved, resized and nudged.

Slicr can slice images automatically using custom sizing and spacing options

Automatic image slicing

As well as allowing you to draw your own slices, Slicr can split up an image based on sizing and spacing criteria that you specify. The Quick Slice wizard can be used to quickly setup a project, or the Add Slices wizard can do this to an existing project.

You can generate additional output files using templates

Custom fields and templates

Templates allow you to generate additional files when slicing your images, such as an XML document describing the images. Combined with custom fields that can be associated with slices, you have powerful content generation to suit your needs

The command line client can be used to slice existing projects, or slice images using automatic settings

Command line client

The command line client is a console application that can be used to slice an existing project, or slice an image using the same options as the Quick Slice wizard. It can also save new projects generating from an existing image, and has various options for setting output formats, slice modes, and more.

Slicr chops up an existing image based on criteria you specify

Image export

Once you have defined the portions of the image to slice, and specified export options Slicr will generate the new images for you. You can specify the format of output options from a range of formats including PNG, JPG and TIFF, and can also control the file names of the export images.

Custom options can be set per slice if required

Individual export options

In addition to setting export options for the project as a whole, you can also customise individual slices if required, allowing you to use different file name patterns of different image formats.

Minimum Requirements