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Dynamic color schemes now available in Palette Editor (+ localization)

Back in 2014, I posted a brief article with a sneak peak at upcoming color scheme functionality and undo/redo support. While the undo/redo feature was deployed with the next build of the software, color schemes have been languishing incomplete and only available within debug builds for over two years. I'm pleased to say that finally that color schemes are going to see the light of day as the first step in making Palette Editor more than just a mere editor.

Color Schemes

Viewing live color schemes in Palette Editor

The Color Schemes feature originally demonstrated has now been tidied up and is available for general use. By selecting a base color, a number of different sets of harmonious colors are generated. The UI lets you easily add all colors in a set to the current palette, or individual swatches. You can learn a little more from the online documentation.

The following schemes ship with the editor

  • Analogous
  • Complementary
  • Harmonious
  • Monochromatic
  • Split-Complimentary
  • Square
  • Tetradic
  • Triadic

Currently these schemes are hard coded into the application but a future update will allow these to be user defined for more flexibility.

Context menu for working with individual colors in a scheme


Cyotek Color Palette Editor - with localization support

Gif Animator was the first Cyotek product to offer some localization support and by building on the lessons learned from that, has now also been added to the Palette Editor.

In the currently nightly builds localization support is limited in some respects and there are the same set of caveats that apply to Gif Animator.

  • Documentation is not localized, and it is likely to remain so
  • Not all UI components have been localized. Specifically, a number of common dialogs have yet to have localization support enabled.
  • All non-English translations are provided via machine translations and its pretty likely that some may be inaccurate or out of context
  • Some dialogs will reflow to fit larger (or smaller) text translations, but the majority are fixed and translated text may therefore not fit correctly
  • The application will always default to English instead of trying to map the current locale - the language can be set in the options dialog.

Bug Fixes

Version 1.5 also has a number of bug fixes, including a nasty performance issue on Windows 7 and various corrections to copy and paste handling. A full list of corrections can be found on the upcoming changes page.

Feedback Welcome

You can grab beta builds of version 1.5 from the downloads page.

How would you like to see the palette editor improve?

Update History

  • 2017-05-09 - First published
  • 2020-11-23 - Updated formatting

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