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Cyotek Spriter Released

A new update has been released for Cyotek Spriter bringing it to

This update adds a number of features and improvements to Spriter. First among these is the ability to have dynamic effects, that is effects which do not require a source image to be post processed. The first dynamic effect allows you to create text headings in a variety of different styles, such as outlined or glowing text. A new sample project is included demonstrating different combinations of this.

Watched folders have also been "finished off", so that they actually work while Spriter is running. Copy an image into a folder that Spriter is watching and it will be automatically added to the project. Update an existing image and watch it immediately appear in the project.

We've also tidied up the UI, and added a few new commands - such as the ability to duplicate an effect, which ties nicely into the new dynamic text effect, and quicker access to creating new effects of a specific type.

Another new option is the ability to export the individual images of the project, including dynamic images such as effects. This allows you to easily generate individual graphics from a composite source, depending on whether you need a full sprite sheet or just an individual sprite. The command line client has also been updated to support this new functionality.

A new advanced setting has been added allowing you to specify the location of temporary files. For example, if you have a RAM disk you may wish to locate temporary files on this.

There are many more updates, plus a respectable number of bug fixes - grab the latest version now!

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