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Cyotek CopyTools Released

CopyTools is a product we wrote back in mid-2011 to replace a third party product we had been using at the time. For the past two years it has been quietly running in the background of several of our machines and is responsible for backing up all documents, source code and other resources onto various devices, including a server (where it's then backed up online), other computers and an external hard drive. So quietly in fact we forgot about making it public after originally creating product pages for it in 2011!

Better late than never however, and so we've finally updated CopyTools to resolve some of the bugs we'd spotted and making the beta available for download - we hope it is as useful for others as it is for us.

So what it is exactly? At the end of the day, it is a copy program - it will copy files from A to B. Or from A, B and C to E, F and G if that's how you want it to work. Select source folder(s) and have them copied to destination folder(s), with all sorts of options to control what's copied, from doing incremental backups with archive flags, to comparing files after copy, inclusion and exclusion masks.

Each copy job you set up can be run at a given schedule, using various options such as hourly, daily, not-on-a-Tuesday and so on. You can also have jobs run when CopyTools is started, or when the operating system is shutting down or restarting.

There's lots of flexibility and functionality available, check out the feature list for more details.

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