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Cyotek Sitemap Creator and Cyotek WebCopy Released

Updates have been released for Cyotek WebCopy bringing it to and Cyotek Sitemap Creator bringing it to

What originally started out as a minor update to Sitemap Creator to keep it in sync with recent fixes and changes to WebCopy ended up as being a bit more substantial for both Sitemap Creator and WebCopy.

Among the new features added to both products is a new option which simplifies how the sitemap tree view is displayed. Depending on the structure of the website you are scanning, this can have quite a difference in ease of use. Keeping on the theme of ease of use, now enabling or disabling a rule will attempt to run that rule on the current link map, making it much easier to tell how rule changes affect the sitemap. However, this feature can only work at its best if your link map is complete - obviously if you have excluded scanning an entire branch of a website, disabling that rule will not magically populate the missing branch unless the website is rescanned.

The different views that support sorting now use a natural sort order, for example 1, 2, 10 instead of 1, 10, 2, and default sorting has been applied to some views, particularly the Rules list.

Changes have also been made to how rules are executed, again with the intention of making it easier to use rules. This includes better processing of rule expressions when using the Use Full URI flag, and the removal of the confusing and obsolete Use Modified URI flag.

As always, these updates include a number of bug fixes, amongst these fixing a problem where a rule could be left in an invalid state when editing, HTML entities not being decoded from titles and descriptions, and various other minor issues.

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