The following are changes currently implemented in next build of Cyotek Copy Tools. Please note that these changes are not final and may be removed prior to the next release. If you have any comments about these forthcoming changes, please contact us.

Nightly builds featuring these changes are available from the Downloads page.

Version 1.4.6


  • Added a new option to control how long to wait for devices to be ready [#8]


  • Minor improvements to External Tools dialog
  • Minor start-up improvements


  • Corrected some settings that weren't being cached
  • Exception reports no longer include the user name of the current user
  • Exception reports no longer include the raw host name
  • Backup files had the wrong file extension (regression)
  • Setup programs were only signed with SHA256, meaning Windows Vista couldn't read the signatures
  • Setup tried to install .NET 4.6.2, causing an installation failure on Windows Vista which only supports 4.6.0

Version 2.0


  • Added a new mode for deleting files matching the profile criteria

  • Added new settings for processing files within a given date range, either absolute or sliding

  • Added the ability to copy files to and from FTP servers

  • Added a new setting to control how long CopyTool waits after starting before running any profiles

  • The delay for which CopyTools waits before running profiles after the computer wakes from sleep can now be configured via the UI

  • Added a new setting to control the priority of execution and preview threads

  • Preview window now shows the reason why a particular file operation is occurring

  • New CLI tool for running or previewing profiles via the command line

  • The Preview Profile dialog now allows viewing the properties of source or destination files

  • Added a new scheduling option - After Profile. This option allows you to chain multiple profiles to run after each other, optionally preventing profiles from running if the previous profile failed

  • Added a new flag for profiles allowing them to use a separate log file derived from the profile name

  • Added a new flag to exclude reparse points from directory scans

  • Added a new View Log option to the context menu for a profile, allowing you to easily view the log file containing the results for the selected profile, regardless of if using the global or a per-profile log

  • Added a new option to specify the maximum number of directory scanning threads

  • Added new summary switch for the CLI, for use with the existing preview switch. When set, only summary totals will be displayed

  • Added new options for retrying failed operations, or for automatically cancelling failed profiles

  • Added a new optional extension for providing feedback/smiles/frowns or support requests from within the application

  • Error diagnosis dialogs now include a reference to the original report

  • Added new nocrashreport switch to command line clients

  • Command line clients can now display solution information when reporting crashes [#201]

  • Added a new schedule frequency for when a device transition from an offline to online state, allowing profiles to be ran against remote devices that are only occasionally available [#345]

  • Zip files created with CopyTools can now optionally enable the use of the Zip64 extensions if required [#149]

  • Added a Refresh button to the Preview Profile window

  • You can now prevent profiles from automatically running if a given process is active. CopyTools will keep trying until the excluded process is no longer running

  • Added the ability to log the output of executed programs

  • Added a new option to prevent the system from sleeping when running a copy job

  • Experimental! Schedule option When Files Change has been exposed via the UI


  • Now requires Microsoft .NET 4.6

  • Engine rewrite

  • Major performance improvements when determining which files to copy

  • Profiles can now be manually run even when the scheduler has been suspended

  • Profile Editor dialog is now sizeable

  • The Create Desktop Icon option in setup is no longer checked by default

  • Performance improvements when calculating files to copy

  • The global UseMultipleThreadsForScanning option has been removed, and is now available on a per-profile basis.

  • The Log Viewer window now displays the name of the currently open log

  • Setup should now automatically uninstall previous versions

  • Filters are now sorted after using the configure filters dialog

  • Numerous changes to how plugins are discovered, loaded and configured. Due to no longer storing plugin details in the Windows Registry, this will cause any disabled plugins to be re-enabled

  • Disabled profiles are now shown in the main profile list in a different color

  • Tabbed or tree based option/property dialogs now include a search field

  • The Preview Profile window now displays the sizes of both individual files, and the total sizes to be processed

  • Minor improvements to External Tools dialog

  • Minor start-up improvements

  • When profiles are executed, a online check is made on the destination and retried up to three times

  • The Exclude Reparse Points flag is now set by default for new profiles

  • The Copy Empty Folders flag is now set by default for new profiles

  • When scanning local folders, CopyTools now ignores folders it can't access - previously this would cause the copy jobs to fully abort, making it very difficult to copy My Documents unless you knew to exclude the junction points My Pictures, My Music and My Videos. The downside is that CopyTools is not able to report on the skipped folders currently

  • FTP Profile Manager now expands to the selected profile, if applicable

  • FTP profile list now shows the full path of the selected item


  • Removed the setup option for creating a Quick Launch icon
  • Offline help files are no longer included, and requesting help will always display the online version
  • The global log only errors and summaries option has been removed, this is now controlled at the profile level


  • Profiles can now be correctly cancelled at the analyse stage

  • New profiles no longer have the "Run at Shutdown" option set by default

  • Exporting a log to RTF incorrectly included a UTF8 BOM that prevented the RTF file from being open in Word and other similar programs

  • Fixed a fatal crash that occurred trying to run a profile from the notification icon when CopyTools had been suspended

  • Fixed a fatal crash that occurred when trying to load CopyTools and an existing profile set could not be loaded

  • Some dialogs only supported local help requests and were unable to show help if the local help file was not available

  • Fixed an issue where the Next Run column could be displayed using a different date format that the Last Ran column in profile lists

  • Delete tallies displayed at the end of profile jobs are now correctly incremented when files are moved. Previously only the copy tally was incremented for a moved file.

  • Log files are no longer permanently locked while CopyTools is running

  • Fixed an issue where the main profile list didn't update after modifying a profile

  • Fixed an issue where under some circumstances changes made to a profile weren't saved

  • CopyTools didn't parse command lines of Before/After Profile Run programs correctly if the file name contained spaces and was enclosed in quotes

  • Attempting to exclude files by specific paths, e.g. \myfiles\log.txt, did not work correctly

  • A newly required dependency was accidentally omitted from setup

  • Profiles with multiple source locations may not be sorted correctly

  • Progress was not calculated or updated correctly for profiles containing delete actions

  • Fixed an issue where Setup sometimes wouldn't replace files

  • Email notifications now correctly separate error details from filenames

  • Fixed a non-fatal crash that occurred when selecting multiple profiles and them attempting to preview them

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking the Run Profile option from the system tray icon if no profiles had been defined

  • File name exclusions now correctly work with non-wildcard expressions including a path component

  • RSS entries would duplicate themselves depending on if the feed was accessed via HTTP or HTTPS. Note that a side effect of this fix will result all entries being marked as unread

  • Fixed a possible crash that could occur when trying to load a themed font [#203]

  • Errors loading cached RSS feed resulted in the RSS extension from not functioning [#204]

  • Fixed potential exit crash when updating statistics [0000175]

  • Fixed a potential issue where the last character in a directory path could be removed [#213]

  • Empty analytics sessions are no longer transmitted

  • Fixed an issue where it was possible that text tokens weren't replaced

  • Setup would display an error stating Unknown custom message name "lcid" if an appropriate version of .NET Framework was not installed and was required to be downloaded by Setup

  • Uninstall should no longer prompt for feedback when running Setup to upgrade an existing installation

  • FTP profile couldn't delete remote folders that contained children

  • Fixed a crash that occurred trying to create an FTP profile and ftp.xml didn't exist

  • Corrected some settings that weren't being cached

  • Exception reports no longer include the user name of the current user

  • Exception reports no longer include the raw host name

  • Backup files had the wrong file extension (regression)

  • Partial output is no longer printed by CLI tools when using the quiet switch

  • Statistics are now printed when using the statistics switch even if quiet is also specified

  • All output is now correctly written to log files when the log switch is used, irrespective of the quiet switch setting

  • Profiles which uses a root folder as the destination crashed when ran

  • Fixed an issue where a remote host that was slow to respond when attempting to run a profile would cause CopyTools to cancel the profile

  • List view commands now update correctly [#220]

  • Trying to set the "Use system temp path" option for Zip profiles wasn't working correctly

  • CopyTools no longer prevents creation of profiles that use unavailable drive letters [#331]

  • Setup programs were only signed with SHA256, meaning Windows Vista couldn't read the signatures

  • Setup tried to install .NET 4.6.2, causing an installation failure on Windows Vista which only supports 4.6.0

  • Resolved problems with FTP entries that did not include a year

  • Fixed various issues moving items in the FTP Profile Manager tree

  • Fixed a regression where v1 filtering could incorrectly match directory names that contained the match name instead of equalling

  • Fixed a regression where file operation errors didn't have a specific description and error code

  • Stability improvements when retrieving FTP directory listings


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