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Richard Moss

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Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy the control!

The Zoom property is an int because I thought it was easier. A zoom level of 100% is 100. 500% is 500. 50% is 50. Easier than 1, 5 or 0.5 I would have thought! (And I didn't really think users would want to specify 50.75%). Behind the scenes it is converted into a double and that is the value used for all calculations.

Assuming you are embedding the source directly in your project, you could just change the Zoom property to be a float directly and then adjust the calculation in ZoomFactor to do something other than Zoom / 100. Or, if you are using the NuGet package or don't wish to modify the original source you could add a new float based zoom property and then override both Zoom and ZoomFactor to use your new property and everything else should just work.

However, I don't really recall having an issue where the int based system didn't work - if you have an example, can you either sent it via email, or post it on our forums for further investigation?

Thanks; Richard Moss



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Hi Richard!

Thank you for your quick answer!

I write a kind of image viewer program with some extra functions. Something like (the great :) ) irfanview, but much smaller project.

Basically I have pictures -e.g.: from a digital camera, or from my phone, around 8-12 megapixel-, and I want to display them, make sure it's fit to the desktop. So if it's bigger, then I need to use the zoomtofit function. If I have 2448x3264 pixel image, and my monitor is 1920x1080 (include window frame, menu, toolbar, status-bar), I end up with 28,49% of zoom.

If the zoom is 28, then I have 3-4 millimeter "frame" around my image. I like to have without it . :) I already solved the problem, based on your guidance. I really thank you for that! :)

However I had to make a little bit more modification to accomplish that (technically I had to replace almost all int to float), so it would be hard to post in the forum. Also I changed selection to mouse right click, because I use left to drag image (or the selected area if any).

Also the zoom with mouse wheel to z+mouse wheel, because I navigate with the mouse, loop in the folder to load images.

If you like to have the imageBox (+imageBoxEx) project with my modifications (based on Cyotek.Windows.Forms.ImageBox +.Demo, +.Design), or pictures over the problem, I more than happy to send you.

Thank you again,