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Richard, why don't you support CMYK? Also in PhotoshopLoadPalettes Easy approach (approximation, without using ICC profiles) is in ReadSwatches()

  case ColorSpace.Cmyk:
        int red2;
        int green2;
        int blue2;
        //int cyan,magenta, yellow;
        int black;

        // CMYK.
        // The first three values in the color data are red , green , and blue . They are full unsigned
        //  16-bit values as in Apple's RGBColor data structure. Pure red = 65535, 0, 0.

        black = value4 /256;
        red2 = (int)(black * value1 / (256*255)); // 0-255
        green2 = (int)(black * value2 / (256*255)); // 0-255
        blue2 = (int)(black * value3 / (256*255)); // 0-255

        results.Add(Color.FromArgb(red2, green2, blue2));

Richard Moss

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Thanks for the comment, although I think you posted it to the wrong article. I did actually add CMYK support quite some time ago (March 2016 according to the commit logs!), but I haven't gotten around to republishing any source as I essentially rewrote it to avoid some of the precision issues I was finding. I have added a note to try and get around to this sooner rather than later.

Thanks again for the comment and also the sample conversion code!

Richard Moss