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WebCopy 1.8 - New Project Wizard

In my previous post regarding WebCopy 1.8, I briefly covered a general grab-bag of some of the new features in this version. This post is dedicated to another new feature, the New Project Wizard.

Whilst you can still create a new blank project as with previous version of WebCopy, there's also a new GUI that will ask a series of questions and create a neatly configured project.

This is very much a work in progress, the first couple of pages in particular need to be made more user friendly rather than just reproducing parts of the main (and complicated) properties window.

Using the New Project Wizard to only copy files of a given type

This page is potentially the most useful part of the new Wizard. It allows you to select the types of files you're interested in, be it images, audio or several other types and will use use this select to generate a set of pre-built rules using either content types or extensions as appropriate.

Entering rules is a little easier in this Wizard, with more to come

The Rules page makes it a little easier to enter a bunch of exclusion rules.

Showing the summary of changes

The Summary page shows how the choices you made in the previous pages are going to be used to create a WebCopy project.

There's a few more pages, but they are basic and don't offer anything really new over the existing UI.

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  • 2020-11-23 - Updated formatting

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