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Cyotek Sitemap Creator Released

A new update has been released for Cyotek Sitemap Creator bringing it to

This update is mostly comprised of various bug fixes to issues we've noticed. However, to balance things out we've also added a small smattering of new features - an Export to CSV option for all URI's in a project, an indicator for how much content is being downloaded during the course of a crawl, and a graphic which displays the content type makeup of a crawled website.

The main new feature of this release is a new option which allows you to immediately have a crawl cancelled if a matching HTTP status code is found, so for example you could add 404 as a cancellation code to halt crawling when any pages can't be found.

We've also added a voluntary customer experience improvement program to capture which bits of the application are being used. This anonymous statistical information will be used to improve future versions of Sitemap Creator and we hope our end users will take part in the program, it's unobtrusive and won't affect your work flow.

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