Editing rules


Rules control the scan behaviour, for example excluding a section of the website. Additional options are also available such as downloading a URL to include in a sitemap, but not crawling it or to include linked images in a Google sitemap.

Editing forms

Forms and Passwords

Before analysing a website, you can optionally post one or more forms, for example to login to an administration area. HTTP 401 challenge authentication is also supported, so if your website contains protected areas, you can either predefine user names and passwords, or be automatically prompted for credentials while scanning.

The link map viewer

After you have analysed your website, the Link Map Viewer allows you to view all the links found in your website, both internal and external. Filtering allows you to easily view the different links found.

The general properties dialog


There are many settings you can make to configure how your website will be crawled, in addition to rules and forms mentioned above, you can also configure domain aliases, user agent strings, default documents and more.

Website Diagram

Website Diagram

View and customize a visual digram of your website, which can also be exported to an image.

The general properties dialog

Replacing titles

Often website page titles include additional prefixes or suffixes, such as the company name or domain name, which you wouldn't necessarily want in a site map. The title replacements feature uses regular expressions to replace or remove such text. You can also replace titles on a page by page basis by specifying URL patterns.

The different types of report information


After scanning a website, you can view lists of pages, errors, missing pages, and more.

Sitemap Preview

Sitemap Preview

Preview the sitemap that will be generated to validate URL's, titles, and layout.

FTP and Search Engine Options

FTP / Search Engine Notification

As well as generating sitemaps, Cyotek Sitemap Creator can also upload them to FTP servers, and notify search engines that a sitemap has been updated.

Inserting a regular expression

Regular Expressions

Several configuration options make use of regular expressions. The built in editor allows you to easily test expressions.


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