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The line "cursor = Cursors.Default;" before "this.Cursor = cursor;" in SetCursor should be changed to "cursor = this.IsPanning ? this.Cursor : Cursors.Default;". Otherwise, when we turn on panning and use this dragging enabled control, the panning cursor would be changed to Default.

Also, I suggest that leaving the SetCursor method to be overridable or interceptable by providing a callback to be executeed in the SetCursor method. I am now writing an image viewer which enables the user to click somewhere on the image to perform some actions. I would love to set the cursor to some shape when the user hovers his mouse on a certain regions. The SetCursor method keep turning the cursor to Default which makes the cursor flickering between Default and my own style.


Richard Moss

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Thanks for the feedback - I'll take a look at the cursor bug you mentioned. In regards to the suggestion for overriding cursor I'll also take a look at this when I get some free time. As a workaround if you don't want to modify the control yourself, you could try intercepting the WM_SETCURSOR message and doing some custom cursor processing there (although that's a more advanced topic, probably much easier just to modify the base ImageBox control to suit your needs!)

I've logged both of these in our internal tracker, but if you wish to provide further feedback it might be easier to use the forums - these comments are a bit limited for this sort of thing.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Regards; Richard Moss