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Richard Moss

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I don't believe there is an update from 6.0 to 6.0d. If memory serves, 6.0 was introduced with VB6 around 1998. 6.0d was the last release included with Visual Studio - 2005 springs to mind, but it could have been an earlier version. However, they were separate products with no standalone upgrade (that I ever heard of at least). If you have access to MSDN then you could download it that way, unfortunately I'm not able to provide downloads to the full products.

I haven't looked at this code for a terribly long time now, but as I recall the tool should work with 6.0 too - there'll be a compile error as one of the COM interfaces was updated to include an extra method, which is used for cleanup but nothing else. It should be safe to just comment out the line (VSSDatabase.Close is ringing a bell)

Regards; Richard Moss