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Hey Richard, Thanks a lot for this brilliant project, I've been looking everywhere for some way to convert a PDF to images, one would think it should be pretty simple, but other than expend $500+ on some complex component I was unable to find anything until I found your blog. Anyways, I've been getting an awful -7 error code on the NativeMethods.gsapi_init_with_args call. I've tried several different PDFs and settings combinations, but no joy. Any thoughts or pointers to a possible source for the issue would be greatly appreciated. The latest settings I've been trying are this: AntiAliasMode = AntiAliasMode.None; Dpi = 100; GridFitMode = GridFitMode.None; ImageFormat = CyotekImageFormat.Jpeg; TrimMode = PdfTrimMode.PaperSize;

Again, thanks and keep up the good work man