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Affinity Designer: You can open a SVG file , change it and export as SVG. What's your problem? Affinity Photo: Which non-proprietary format do you want?


Richard Moss

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And why would I want to open an SVG file and be forced to go through a convoluted export process instead of just pressing Ctrl+S to save?

With Affinity Photo at least I can do Ctrl+S to save to the original format, but I can't do a Save As to easily change to something else, e.g. to switch from png to jpg (Save As only presents Serif's proprietary format). Again, I could do an export but it isn't quick as selecting a new format from a combobox and hitting enter.

I like tools that are easy to use with quick keyboard operations. And in this day and age, I prefer interoperability and open formats so that I can choose to switch to another tool if required.