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Richard Moss

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Thanks for your comment! ClearScript I wasn't aware of, that would be worth a look so thank you for pointing that out. My initial thoughts were a) I don't think JScript has been updated for a very long time, and b) I can't imagine the V8 engine is particular small or easy to deploy. Oh, on reading their deployment guide you need to deploy C++ runtimes as well as build V8 from source yourself.

PowerShell though... I'm not so sure. A few years back I actually implemented a PowerShell host... this is going back quite a way, so was one of the earlier versions of PowerShell. And while it worked, I was not impressed with it at all - the performance was absolutely dire, mostly in how long it took to instantiate PowerShell if I recall correctly. I don't know if that is still the case but there isn't much of a chance I would add that sort of slowness deliberately to an application.

I think for me personally, Jint is "good enough" at this point in time. It is easy to deploy, is reasonably sized and doesn't pull in another dozen packages. Still, both these suggestions are worth keeping in mind, so thank you again for the comment.

Richard Moss