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Thanks Richard :) I was using old version of ImageBox that was with CodeProject article. After adding Your control using NuGet and some small changes everything is working fine :)

Btw any news about GhostScriptAPI? at line 659 You have TODO item about wrong combination of params. In my case I get this error when I try to open very large pdf (2900 x 6500 pixels).

Again many thanks for this awesome control and API.


Richard Moss

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I thought that was the case, glad you're up and running with the latest code now.

In regards to the GhostScript library, the project I was going to use it for has been sitting on the backburner for some time now so I haven't been back to it. It's unlikely that I'll get to it any time soon as I have so many other half complete projects I'd like to get done! Hopefully I'll get the chance to look at it sooner than later though.

Regards; Richard Moss