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Richard Moss

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Thanks for taking the time to comment. I haven't really used VS Code for true development yet as I was still happy using Visual Studio for .NET Core (and I don't really have a choice for our WinForms stuff!). I did use its debugging facilities for use with PHP which I didn't find great, but I can probably blame that on PHP!

I do need to hurry up and finish bits of the new blog, I added reply notifications to it, but as comment moderation is still currently handled by the "old" site which doesn't know anything about them, no replies get sent... I think perhaps I'll try using VS Code to do this piece of work and see what happens.

Thanks for the tip re the mono repository. Most of my private libraries are as NuGet packages now, my main issue is probably going to be image resources that are linked from outside the project directories. I'll have to try and devote some serious time to looking into this properly.

Thanks again for the comments and suggestions.

Richard Moss