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Richard Moss

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Thank you for taking the time to comment! I admit that it took a little time to get used to not having it at my beck and call, but as I took the opportunity to pave my devbox at the same time as the VS2019 release as it wasn't installed I couldn't do my usual "suspend then resume until I get cheesed off again". Actually, the biggest motivation I had for not reinstalling was noticing that a solution that could take two minutes to open in Visual Studio 2015 was instant in 2019. Now I already alluded to performance improvements in VS2019 (and likely in 2017 too, but I skipped that in order to keep using a particular extensions) but I ran similar tests on a VS2015 instance with ReSharper enabled and then disabled and still noticed an vast improvement in solution load. And I've got better things to do that wait (and wait) for an environment to be available for me to actually work! Not to mention I enjoy being able type and having the computer keep up with its human controller instead of s t u t t e r i n g.

The way JetBrains are pushing Rider left right and centre makes me think they won't actually ever address these issues. When they sent me a reminder that my yearly subscription was ending soon and I had cancelled automatic billing, I pointed out I was fed up of the performance issues. Their response was "use Rider" which I didn't find to be a particular helpful or desirable outcome.

Thanks for the tip re Kdiff3, I may look into that!

Richard Moss