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Richard R.

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Love the control! As for the question, I found that you need to get all the needed files into your own project. Compile it - fix - compile until there are no errors AND then use the toolbox feature to "Choose Items". Browse to the location of the EXE file your compile just created and select that file. ( This is just like if you had worked with a class lib and created a DLL :) ) Click on the add/ok button and the toolbox will find the control and add it to the toolbox. After that, adding it to my form and everything else went great! I expect that we will work with this control and be able to contribute back soon with new additions and improvements. This is a fantastic control! Thank You!


Richard Moss

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There ought not to be any compile errors, what problems did you have? In regards to the toolbox, I don't normally include it directly in the application source, but I do include it in a class library which is always added in source form to the project - Visual Studio automatically populates the toolbox with items in this scenario.

However, I'm glad you've got it embedded and are finding it useful. Good luck with your project!

Regards; Richard Moss