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Actually, if you change the extension on your Virtual box files and change the references inside the two editable configuration files (vbox and the plain .vmdk file) to point to the new extension, you can still use CrashPlan to back them up. At least in Linux you can.


Richard Moss

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Thanks for the comment! It did cross my mind that swapping the extensions would work, but then I'd probably be asking for trouble if CrashPlan noted that and terminated my account for breaching their terms. I've read quite enough horror stories about companies like Digital Ocean, GitHub and a host of others perma-banning accounts until a social media uproar gets things moving. I'd rather not have that!

My main issue with Code42 is firstly the lack of communication on the issue (their email alluded to a previous message, but they actually sent a 3rd message admitting the first was never sent to customers who opted out of marketing emails, and "oh by the way we missed off a few more extensions we're banning") and the second is the fact that they applied this to existing files rather than new files. I don't find any of that an example of good service.

I assume Linux is using the same XML based format that Virtual Box on Windows does so you solution should work equally well on that. I'm going to just rely on the offline backups I have of my VM's.

Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

Regards; Richard Moss