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Richard Moss

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Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the control. That sounds like an impressively large image file! I actually got asked something similar recently, and while I don't have a solution for either question, I have an idea for yours. Assuming the bitmap isn't run length encoded, you could read the bitmap header to get the dimensions from which you could use to set up a virtual mode ImageBox. When it's time to paint the box, you could then calculate the bits of the file you need to read, pull the data out, and build a small bitmap of that particular "view" to display. This is at least feasible, but probably really complicated to do. At least it's possible though as no compression is involved so you can directly grab the bytes from the file and split out the bits representing the pixels.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but this isn't something I've needed to do before so while I have a guess, I don't have a concrete solution. I haven't tried working with 1bpp pixel images so I'm not sure how the data is stored in each byte - but there's probably multiple pixels in each one.

Richard Moss