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Hi fi getting following error

"Page number is out of bounds Parameter name: pageNumber"

This is my c# code

     protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        string PDFFilePath = Server.MapPath("Sample.pdf");

    public void LoadImage(string PDFFilePath)
        Pdf2Image objPDF = new Pdf2Image();
        Pdf2ImageSettings objSetting = new Pdf2ImageSettings();
        objSetting.AntiAliasMode = AntiAliasMode.High;
        objSetting.Dpi = 300;
        objSetting.GridFitMode = GridFitMode.Topological;
        objSetting.ImageFormat = ImageFormat.Jpeg;
        objSetting.TrimMode = PdfTrimMode.CropBox;

        objPDF.PdfFileName = PDFFilePath;
        objPDF.Settings = objSetting;
        objPDF.ConvertPdfPageToImage("testimage.Jpeg", 1);

please help me Thanks in advance