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Richard Moss

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Thanks for your comments. In regards to "fixing PointToImage"... I'm not entirely sure what it is you are fixing, unless you mean the fact it returns +1 for the position. This was a deliberate design decision so that hovering over 0,0 doesn't return Point.Empty. So I don't really count that as a bug, although it's probably not suitable for everyone! Saying that, as I wrote this reply I recalled that there used to be a bug in the formula but this was fixed at the start of the year when another user spotted it - that's probably in the recent part 5 source code though, rather than this older version.

I haven't tested your checkbox fix as it doesn't look like it matches my copy (which uses a different way of generating the texture) but I suspect that won't work either as it doesn't account for the controls border's, and I know they are affected by the flicker too. Another user provided me with some code some time ago which used a custom scroll control and a helping of Win32 interop to fix the scroll issue, however I didn't want to complicate these examples with code of this nature. I should probably dig it out and add them to the site for interested parties anyway!

Thanks again for the comment.

Regards; Richard Moss


Rafael Vasco

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Oh sorry i didn't see part 5 :) I'm making an image editor so PointToImage in part 4 was wrong, when i clicked on image it painted slighty off position, just a matter of applying scalefactor to the whole expression. Anyway i'll take a look at part 5. Thanks.