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Any chance the SourceSafe to SVN migration tool will be updated to the latest SharpSvn client so that it supports the newest (1.7) format?


Richard Moss

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[Repost of my reply to your post on the CodePlex discussion at http://vsstosvn.codeplex.com/discussions/276082]


I haven't tested this, but basically you'll need to download the 32bit 1.7 assemblies from here (don't use the 64bit ones as you must run as a 32bit process for the VSS integration) then extract the contents of that zip into the Cyotek.SourceSafeSvnMigration.Ui\libraries folder, overwriting any existing files. Then just reload the solution, build, and run. This should work, unless the authors of SharpSVN have changed their API which isn't too likely.

Hope this helps. Regardless, I'll try and find the time to update the tool to use 1.7 before the end of the week.

Regards; Richard Moss