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I'm too trying to get the autoscroll to move to the mouse coordinates. It sort of works but the movement is not exact to the pixel that I had the curson on at the time of scrolling the wheel... I do get the concept but for some reason I have something missing...

inside the onmousewheel I have this....

_startScrollPosition = this.AutoScrollPosition; if (e.Delta < 0) position = new Point((-_startScrollPosition.X) - Convert.ToInt32(e.Location.X * this.ZoomFactor), (-_startScrollPosition.Y) - Convert.ToInt32(e.Location.Y * this.ZoomFactor)); else position = new Point(Convert.ToInt32((-_startScrollPosition.X + e.Location.X )* this.ZoomFactor), Convert.ToInt32((-_startScrollPosition.Y + e.Location.Y)* this.ZoomFactor)); this.UpdateScrollPosition(position);

The zooming in part is nearly there but still not exact. :( Any help?!