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Richard Moss

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Thanks for the comments! I am aware of Warren's ripping off of several of my posts, but he never responded to requests to have them removed. Not really a huge amount I can do about it frustratingly. However, I'm glad that you found the "real" author - although this code is hardly rocket science and I've freely distributed it, it takes quite a bit of effort writing the posts themselves and it's galling that this person simply takes them, removes the preamble, changes any links and posts them as his own work. He even went to the trouble of unpacking the example code and replacing all the notices in the source code with this own stuff. The code is freely licensed, my blog post words certainly aren't!

Not to mention borrowing the styling of the posts which clashes with the original style of the site. Unless of course by some coincidence he bought the same template I did and restyled it using the exact highlight colour that Cyotek has used since around 1998. Some coincidence ;)

Thanks again for the kind words.

Richard Moss