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Thanks for this API worked well until this morning. I was able to take a PDF and crop its image using a rectangle as parameter. Everything worked well! But this morning i'm stuck with this error "Failed to process ghostscript command" (this is one of your defined exception), but when i look at the execution result, i have the -100 code error. But every argument is ok, i didn't change anything since friday when it worked... I'm a bit lost, do you have any explanation about the -100 error code?

If you need any other piece of information, feel free to ask.

Thank you so much again for this API that worked well until this morning...


Richard Moss

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I'm sorry, but I have no idea - -100 is a GhostScript result code and their documentation on this is ... well, rubbish - "Fatal Error". I'm sure you knew that already...

If none of the arguments have changed, then perhaps it's the source file - did you try with a different PDF (one that worked previously?). Do you verify the arguments (for example, does that rectangle you mention fit within the bounds of the PDF you are using?)

Regards; Richard Moss