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Announcing the Product Blog

This site has operated a blog for several years now, but it is mostly focused on .NET development topics. Occasionally I've wanted to post product specific information, but haven't wanted to put this in the blog as for all intents and purposes, has two different audiences - those who download and use our products and those who consume our source code. I'd be betting that there's not a lot of cross over between the two!

One of the recent support requests I received included a question on how to keep up to date on product updates. Of course, each product has a built in check for updates feature (either manual or automatic), but there's no real way of keeping track.

To resolve this, we've added a second blog to the site which will contain topics of interest to users of our products. Each product now also includes a dedicated RSS feed for articles for that specific product. In a future update we'll also add dedicated feeds for downloads too, allowing instant notification of when new files are available.

Hopefully you find the new product blog useful, as always we'd appreciate any comments - either here, on the forums, or you can contact us.

As the product pages don't include visible links to the RSS feeds, here's a quick list for products current at the time of publishing:

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Jack Ary

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I am trying to ask this question: If and how I can upload a copy I made of my website with cyotek to my domain name hosted on Godaddy. I don't know how to ask on the forum. And my url is valid.


Jack Ary

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I have one of my websites copied on my computer.  Can I use it as a backup and restore it to a domain on my hosting account? My url is valid....