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Although we haven't really drawn attention to it by providing samples or SDK documentation, all of Cyotek's products are extensible in various ways. As long as you can code in a .NET language and can work with the API each product provides that is.

Cyotek's Gif Animator is no exception. The currently released version supports the same level of "standard" add-ins that other products include, and the development version now includes a new experimental image effects plugin system too.

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Some of the most frustrating support requests we deal with tend to be people trying to copy forums using WebCopy. While it's technically possible, it's not an easy thing. Forums can have many thousands of links, and a lot of them are replicated many times for "new posts" and "replies" and so on. In most cases, copying this is not what you want as it adds zero value to the copy.

This topic describes briefly the approaches we are looking at and prototyping for the next version of WebCopy.

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This site has operated a blog for several years now, but it is mostly focused on .NET development topics. Occasionally I've wanted to post product specific information, but haven't wanted to put this in the blog as for all intents and purposes, has two different audiences - those who download and use our products and those who consume our source code. I'd be betting that there's not a lot of cross over between the two!

Finally, we've added a dedicated product blog and some more product-centric RSS feeds.

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