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Frustrations of third party software

Remind me again why I still use Resharper

No detailed blog post, just a screenshot that neatly echo's my ongoing frustration with Resharper. It was a lot longer than 7 seconds too...

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The founder of Cyotek, Richard enjoys creating new blog content for the site. Much more though, he likes to develop programs, and can often found writing reams of code. A long term gamer, he has aspirations in one day creating an epic video game. Until that time, he is mostly content with adding new bugs to WebCopy and the other Cyotek products.

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Brady Osborne

# Reply

I too used JetBrains Resharper in Visual Studio and ended up disabling it because it slowed it down like hell, and I'm running a server-grade computer!


Richard Moss

# Reply

I know what you mean. I do like Resharper, but I sometimes wonder how much time it saves me with the helpful things it does vs how much time it slows me down by severely affecting solution opening times (the above screenshot comes from a default ASP.NET application I created, but for actual application solutions with dozens of projects and hundreds of code files it is _slow_) and general performance.

I do feel that one of these days I'm going to simply call it quits!

Thanks for commenting!

Richard Moss