Listed below are known issues Cyotek products, exlucding enhancements or bugs assigned to a release. Found an issue not on this list? Please let us know!


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Color Palette Editor

  • [0000299] [Bug] "Value cannot be null" crash when running a template without a default extension
  • [0000283] [Bug] Crash loading Feedback extension with localisation enabled
  • [0000266] [Bug] Template output includes UTF-8 BOM
  • [0000209] [Bug] Screen color picker doesn't work properly on high DPI systems
  • [0000203] [Bug] "Only TrueType fonts are supported" crash displaying CEIP dialog
  • [0000164] [Bug] ColorGrid sizing is sub optimal and can break mouse handling
  • [0000113] [Bug] Null reference exception when selecting item in Import Export Wizard
  • [0000058] [Bug] Using keyboard to change swatch in color grid does not scroll


  • [0000130] [Bug] Moving an FTP connection to an alternate folder breaks any profiles bound to the connection
  • [0000220] [Bug] List view mode commands don't update
  • [0000149] [Bug] Large zip files cause crash
  • [0000008] [Bug] "Device not ready" errors when copying network profiles
  • [0000013] [Bug] FTP profile can't handle filenames with invalid path characters
  • [0000185] [Bug] "Index was outside the bounds of the array" clicking "Run Profile" on context menu when no profiles defined
  • [0000166] [Bug] Expanding path in file browser is slow
  • [0000135] [Bug] Device profiles don't trigger for specific device classes
  • [0000134] [Bug] FTP "Test Connection" feature runs on UI thread
  • [0000128] [Bug] Crash when selecting multiple profiles and then attempting to preview them
  • [0000060] [Bug] Shutdown profiles no longer reliable due to Windows changes
  • [0000118] [Bug] Occasional timeout waiting on server to respond when disconnecting from FTP server
  • [0000121] [Bug] Pattern match criteria for single file in subfolder not working as expected
  • [0000119] [Bug] After FTP profile failure, log file is locked and will cause any other profile using the log to fail
  • [0000115] [Bug] Out of memory crash combining paths

Gif Animator

  • [0000347] [Bug] Large animation crashes image reel
  • [0000310] [Bug] Resize dialogs do not honour anchor settings
  • [0000225] [Bug] Setup appears to always try to download .NET 4.6 even if 4.7 is already installed
  • [0000059] [Bug] GIF decoder discards information it doesn't understand

Jewel Rush

  • [0000057] [Bug] Game crashes if working directory is not executable directory

Sitemap Creator

  • [0000017] [Bug] External redirects that redirect are not processed properly


  • [0000339] [Bug] Command line arguments are case-sensitive and don't match documentation case
  • [0000318] [Bug] CLI crash displays GUI dialog
  • [0000315] [Bug] CLI `/x` parameter is required
  • [0000314] [Bug] CLI destination parameter is incorrect
  • [0000317] [Bug] CLI error messages are unhelpful
  • [0000316] [Bug] CLI doesn't auto generate filenames if destination is a path
  • [0000207] [Bug] High DPI issues


  • [0000294] [Bug] Spriter doesn't set emulation mode for embedded Internet Explorer, causing it always operate in IE7 mode
  • [0000293] [Bug] CSS isn't replacing sprite sheet filename correctly
  • [0000016] [Bug] Spriter performance issues


  • [0000354] [Bug] Crash occurs playing sound under Windows Vista
  • [0000348] [Bug] Stack overflow with specific website performing Quick Scan
  • [0000341] [Bug] Regular expression editor pastes rich text if present on the Clipboard
  • [0000340] [Bug] File size sometimes not listed in results list
  • [0000327] [Bug] Extensionless URL's with period have malformed local filename
  • [0000202] [Bug] WebCopy is inconsistent with how it treats URI's in regards to case sensitivity
  • [0000151] [Bug] Diagram viewer unusable with massive websites
  • [0000063] [Bug] Various memory issues
  • [0000245] [Bug] "Out of memory exception" building sitemap
  • [0000236] [Bug] "Quantifier {x,y} following nothing" crash checking if a given URI is an additional host to crawl
  • [0000217] [Bug] Login forms which use a custom JS function to alter fields when the form is submitted can't be handled by WebCopy
  • [0000246] [Bug] Out of memory crash working with document editor
  • [0000263] [Bug] CLI tools don't handle projects containing extension settings
  • [0000258] [Bug] Results list isn't cleared before fresh crawl if filters are in use