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Cyotek Slicr Alpha Released

A new version of Cyotek Slicr has been released bringing it to Alpha.

This update addresses a number of minor issues with the product and also adds custom fields and the first stages of the templating functionality. When combining templates with custom fields, this allows you more advanced options for generating additional content. One use case would be to generate an XML map describing the sliced images with extended properties - this and more is now possible.

We also changed the .NET version. Unlike Cyotek's other desktop tools, Slicr now requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. We will be migrating all tools to this version of the framework in subsequent updates.

Please note that this product is currently in alpha status and is supplied "AS-IS". Not all functionality has been implemented, and existing functionality may change. However, we'd appreciate any feedback on the functionality and usability of the product.