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Jewel Rush Readme

Jewel Rush is a classic arcade game where the player has to explore dangerous caves, solving puzzles and collecting 
enough diamonds to reveal the exit. Various hazards including rockfalls and indigenous creatures exist to hamper the 
players efforts. Solve the puzzles, collect the gems and escape before time runs out!

Keyboard Reference

W / Up                Move up
S / Down              Move down
A / Left              Move left
D / Right             Move right
Space                 Combine with direction to dig into the adjacent space without moving

Joysticks and Gamepads

Jewel Rush now supports the use of joysticks and gamepads. This initial build uses the primary stick and the first two 
buttons, no configuration is currently possible. The game has been tested with an Xbox 360 Controller and a Freedom 2.4 
cordless joystick. 

Also, it is not currently possible to select which device to use. The /CONTROLLER argument (see below) can be used
to force a specific device to be used.

Full configuration options will be added in a future update.

Command Line Parameters

JWLRUSH [/RECORD:filename] [/CAVESET:filename] [/CAVE:number] [/LEVEL:number] [[/AUTOPLAY] [/NOTITLE]]
        [/NOSOUND] [/VOLUME:number] [/CONTROLLER:deviceindex] [/DEBUGMODE]

/RECORD:filename          The name of a file to automatically record demonstrations into.
/CAVESET:filename         The filename of a caveset to load.
/CAVE:number              Set the starting cave.
/LEVEL:number             Set the starting level.
/AUTOPLAY                 Automatically starts the game, without showing the title screen
/NOTITLE                  Automatically exits the game after the current playthrough has ended. Only valid with /AUTOPLAY.
/NOSOUND                  Disables sound independently of the normal game configuration
/VOLUME:number            Sets the master volume, between 0 and 1
/CONTROLLER:deviceindex   Zero based index of the game controller to use.
/DEBUGMODE                Enables a debugging overlay for displaying additional information about a caves state.