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Jewel Rush Change Log

2012-23-09 BETA
* Fixes problems with textures on certain OpenGL implementations
* Fixes various audio issues
* Changed to use (mostly) Atari sounds provided by Piotr Garczyński
* Internal engine changes

2012-12-08 BETA
* Draft of smooth scrolling implemented. As it's a bit jerky at times, it is currently disabled by default.
* Bonus life now awarded on reaching or passing threshold, instead of only on passing
* Added support for mazes (see example levels in Engine Test caves)
* Fixed an issue where the next explosion in a chain was incorrectly modifying the tile type of previous explosions
* Explosions now use an animation sequence
* Unrecognized BDCFF tiles should now be properly reported into the log
* Unrecognized BDCFF tiles are now replaced with DIRT rather than just crashing the game
* Tile graphics replaced with the draft of a custom version
* Fixes a bug where running up into a falling diamond didn't always kill the player
* Textures, sounds and fonts are now configured from game.xml
* Config file and logs are now written to / read from the Application Data directory if the write access to the game folder is not available
* Fixes a problem where the master volume wasn't being set unless it was modified via the in-game menu
* Fixes a problem were flags occasionally weren't cleared correctly, causing "death by invisible falling rocks"
* Fixes a crash which could occur when transitioning between two different sizes levels and the /DEBUGMODE flag was enabled
* Added /VOLUME command argument
* When the /DEBUGMODE flag is set events of type Debug are now written to the log file
* Internal engine changes

2012-05-06 BETA
* Fixed black screen if /NOTITLE was specified but /AUTOPLAY was not
* Fixes an issue with the cave generation which meant the predicive random seed was incorrect after a generating the cave layout
* Fixes minor issues with border generation and now honours the InitialBorder type setting
* Better timing support for BoulderDash1 and BoulderDash2 scheduling
* /CAVE and /LEVEL can now be used independetly of /CAVESET
* Holding down the fire button and a movement key now correctly animates the player
* Boulders can now be pushed a single tile while the fire button is held down without moving the player
* Added /DEBUGMODE switch. When enabled, an additional overlay is displayed for testing purposes.
* Fixed issue where tile attributes sometimes weren't reset correctly
* Added diamond birth animation sequence
* The mouse can now be used with ingame menus and text screens
* Fixed viewport issues that caused the covering/uncovering animation to be displayed in the wrong place on very small maps
* Fixed a problem where menus could be controlled via the keyboard even when the game window didn't have focus
* Demo's now restart if they run out of time
* Now uses OGG for audio
* Window size is no longer loaded from configuration files
* Fixed default coordinate system leaving graphics distorted due to an unequal tile size
* Internal engine changes

2012-04-26 BETA
* Snapping is now supported by demo data
* Added the ability to record level demonstrations
* Added command line arguments for specifying the caveset to load, starting cave, starting level
* Added command line arguments to automatically start playing a game, and to exit the game when the playthrough has ended
* Added command line argument to disable sound independently of the game configuration
* Tinkered demo playback a bit more, Boulder Dash 2 demo now plays successfully
* Added support for joysticks and gamepads. [See readme.txt]
* Added readme.txt

2012-04-08: ALPHA
* Fixed sounds not playing when a boulder/diamond first starts to fall, or when they roll of another object
* Fixed sounds not playing when a boulder/diamond falls into a magic wall, but there is no space on the other side of the wall
* Boulders and diamonds now continue to fall into expired magic walls
* After a boulder or diamond has fallen through a magic wall, it is correctly flagged as falling
* A sound is now played when walls expand
* Internal engine changes

2012-04-07: ALPHA
* Fixed problem where player animations would be switched before the previous animation had completed
* Left and right movement animations now play at the same speed
* Fixed additional internationalization issues with decimal separators
* Fixed an issue where sometimes you moved twice instead of once when single pressing movement keys
* Internal engine changes

2012-04-07: ALPHA
* Fixed start up crash with locales that use comma's as the decimal separator

2012-04-06: ALPHA
* Initial Release