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Cyotek ImageBox Control


The ImageBox is a lightweight owner drawn control for displaying images. It supports zooming, scrolling, panning, region selection and much more! In addition to the traditional mode of binding to an Image, you can also use a virtual mode, and provide your own custom drawing whilst retaining all the ImageBox functionality.

The ImageBox control also provides convenient helper methods for translating points, rectangles and sizes according to the current zoom level and scroll position of the control - this makes it easy to scale custom drawing to fit the control.

As well as the different behaviours offered, the ImageBox also supports a large number of display properties. The background of the control can display a solid colour, or a coloured grid in various sizes. You can also configure how the grid is to be drawn, for example just around the image bounds, or the full control bounds. Other options include the pixel grid, which is displayed when zooming in on an image to highlight each pixel, custom border styles for surrounding the image, and many other properties. You can also display text, and specifying formatting and alignment options.

Example Screenshots

ImageBox control demonstration

Virtual mode demonstration, where the ImageBox can be used without a backing image

The ImageBox can display a pixel grid when zooming in


The ImageBox control is licensed under the MIT License. See imagebox-license.txt for the full text.

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