Download setup-cyopaled- version, last updated 01/06/2021 (5.85 MB)

  • md5: 386cca173a7e408e8911c2ec95a471fe
  • sha1: 353c801e27d70a9288cac12dd8354d4dce6b6bfc
  • sha256: 7cae01a828ca24facd8a9be9f81c4edada406c30fdde9dadf1c7ba823f51d7c9


  • Added initial support for Adobe Swatch Exchange palettes in RGB format [#27]
  • Added initial support for CorelDRAW PAL/XML palettes in RGB, HSL, CMY and CMYK format [#42]
  • Added support for Hex palettes [#301]
  • Added support for Gravit Designer palettes
  • Added new Reverse Palette command
  • Added new Variations view, allowing easy selection of a colour based on an existing hue
  • Added automatic translations for Arabic and Czech
  • Added a new function for submitting colour palettes that the editor can't open for analysis
  • Templates can now be duplicated via the Template Manager
  • Added a new guid tag for use in templates to generate new globally unique identifiers
  • Added a new modal dialogue for editing a colour
  • The Batch Conversion dialogue now has new options for padding converted palettes to a minimum size
  • Added Save Copy As command
  • Added new Compare command for comparing one palette with another
  • Added new nocrashreport switch to command line clients
  • Command line clients can now display solution information when reporting crashes [#201]
  • Pressing the Insert key in the colour grid now adds a new swatch


  • Attempting to open an image file will now initiate the Palette From Image action
  • When adding a new swatch, it is now added after the currently selected colour, rather than always at the end of the palette
  • Formats dialogue now includes file extension information
  • Tabbed or tree based option/property dialogues now include a search field
  • Batch conversion log output is now displayed in the batch dialog, rather than a pop-up dialogue
  • Minor improvements to External Tools dialogue
  • Minor start-up improvements
  • No longer forced to run as 32bit in 64bit environments
  • Setup now uses InnoSetup 6.1


  • Empty analytics sessions are no longer transmitted
  • Template output no longer includes UTF8 BOM's [#266]
  • The Feedback extension crashed if the application language was set to a value other than English [#283]
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible that text tokens weren't replaced
  • Setup would display an error stating Unknown custom message name "lcid" if an appropriate version of .NET Framework was not installed and was required to be downloaded by Setup
  • Uninstall should no longer prompt for feedback when running Setup to upgrade an existing installation
  • A crash would occur when executing a template and no default extension was set [#299]
  • Setup now includes all available languages when using the default Typical installation
  • Preset manager no longer correctly handled some data types causing the Create Swatch Image dialogue to crash when trying to use a preset [regression]
  • Corrected some settings that weren't being cached
  • Exception reports no longer include the user name of the current user
  • Exception reports no longer include the raw host name
  • Backup files had the wrong file extension (regression)
  • Partial output is no longer printed by CLI tools when using the quiet switch
  • Statistics are now printed when using the statistics switch even if quiet is also specified
  • All output is now correctly written to log files when the log switch is used, irrespective of the quiet switch setting
  • Setup programs were only signed with SHA256, meaning Windows Vista couldn't read the signatures
  • Setup tried to install .NET 4.6.2, causing an installation failure on Windows Vista which only supports 4.6.0
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the options dialogue after switching views
  • Windows that save their position and size should no longer keep increasing in size each time the window is opened and a custom font is being used with a point size above 8
  • Options dialogues are now slightly more usable when using custom fonts with a point size above 8
  • Photoshop Swatch palettes could be subtly corrupted if the number of colours in the palette was 256

Minimum Requirements